Analyse-Your-Competitor-easy-strategiesMost of the time it is SEO expert’s duty to analyze other competitors web site in a short span of time. So here I am going to mention some of the methods that may useful for a beginner to find real tactics that help his career.

1)    Keyword Search
Once you fix your keywords and Arranging it on Excel sheet or a Document based on KEI and KOI, it is must to see how other’s have arranged those keywords in their web site

Go to Google and type Intitle:YourKeyword
This will display bundle of sites which uses same keywords you are focusing. Note down the Raw results displays by Google for the same Phrase.


This will provide the results of websites which uses your same keyword in their text/description part.


The result will give a list of URLs which uses your same keyword. Since this gives lot of options like ‘seo-optimization-expert’, ‘seo-professional’ for the keyword format you can search Terms using Double quotes “”.
For example Inurl:”yourkeyword” will give the exact information of URL’s giving keywords in same order you search for.
This will provide the back links of web sites that you are examining.

Typing in the search box returns the cached version of Google’s homepage.

Allinanchor: Keyword

Another Google syntax to search only the anchor text of Web pages. Results are listed based on the text used in the backlinks or outside links pointing to the page.

Cache, filetype, info, site etc are some other syntax terms we can use in Google Result pages. Check all this commands with your keywords and note down the results.

2)    Next comes the Heading Tags
H1,H2….H6 are the heading tags mostly use with web sites. Check how many heading tags are used by your competitor websites.

So here comes the question How will you analyze these heading tags used by other web sites?. This is bit time consuming according to me, you have  to go to competitors web site and need to check the source code “View source ” is the term most of the browsers displays.

There are several tools and plugins for Mozilla and Chrome Browsers. Plugins like “FirBug” will help you out in finding those Heading tags easily. This will display CSS tags as well. I do suggest you guys to download Firebug for your Mozilla browser and use it.

SeoElite is another tool which displays all of the SEO required stuffs of web site by easy clicks. You have to spend a little amount to purchase this product. There are other Analysing tools too for a better checking. You can Google it once will give more options.

3)    Image Alt Tags
Check how other web sites has distributed their keywords in Alt tags but less spamy. Some SEO’s will try to make Alt tags with complete keyword list but I suggest do not go for it. Instead make the alt tag a complete sentence which describes the picture which is logical for Human beings as well. You can make Nice alt tags with keywords if you spend some time for it.
4)    Title tags in “a href”
5)    Canonical Linking
6)    Inter Linking keywords to different pags
7)    Domain  Name
8)    Domain age
9)    Page Rank of web site
10)    Back links in Search Engines
11)    Back links from other web sites
12)    Quality of back links
13)    W3C validation of web site
14)    Web site Loading Speed
15)    Page size of Domain
16)    URL rewriting
17)    Social Networking symbols
18)    Social media participation
19)    Div or TD/TR arrangement

The list continues……

A good analyzer can only analyze a competitor web site in exact way.  In case of SEO beginner it is always difficult to go for manual analyzing, since he might be new to these tactics and web sites methods used. But, I suggest manual analyze even though you have different kinds of tool that make it easy because manual Optimization provides much knowledgeable factors than tools usage.

Due to the recent changes in Google algorithm, the web site that displays top for best competitive keywords are really useful to analyze. Here are some of my view points.

1)    Web site speed is good
2)    Web site has a daily update
3)    Web site has great Social media participation
4)    Web site should have unique quality content
5)    Web site offers good site architecture for best crawling
6)    Web site may getting good number of visitors
7)    Web site might have get good quality back links

After the successful competition of Competitors web site analysis it is your duty to optimize web site with best features. Do not copy all the things from others, copy the best parts top ranking web sites used, but always use your ideas to make it better than competitor web sites.  Holding top most position in your relevant category make your web site more visible to users and it is an open door for better ROI.

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