FaceBook MarketingMore than 850 Million active users  FaceBook is continuing its success stories in social Networking sites.  So Now the question arises, how entrepreneurs or small business are able to expand their presence through this giant social media site. It is not an easy way to promote your business through FaceBook due to several reasons that facebook has strengthened its privacy policies to help its users from business profiles.  Then How can we promote our business in the finest way without violating the privacy policy of users?

Here are some steps we can follow in order to make our Facebook business a huge success.

1)      Make your FaceBook page, you can customize your facebook page according to your business needs. But make sure that you have added business page in the right category with a nice description of your business

2)      Once, page created you can suggest the page to your networks(friends, co-workers, family). But here you will face the real challenges. Suppose the business is new and you are unable to promote it in old network what you presently own, you need to build another network for promoting your business

3)      To build such a good network you need an excellent Facebook business plan and more over it should be developed in the presence of your entire SMO team.

What this Business plan should contain?

a)      Plan  to get your target audience

b)      Analyze competitors pages In your niche who are already present in Facebook and how they are promoting their pages

c)       If the competition is tough, add more members to the team to promote the page

d)      Plan a budget for FB page Promotion and for Facebook Ad

e)      Check whether you can provide new Face Book App with your business, that specifically aims your customers

f)       Aim the number of likes your team should achieve in each month and analyse the report each month end.Revise the plans if needed

g)      Acquire a good team(SEO+SMO+Desinger+Developer+Content writer)

h)      Thoroughly analyse the customer feedbacks for your pages

i)        Always offer something new in your niche market

4)      Engaging in Social media site is the finest way to build your brand. But, it is the quality of the Post that matters when you consider building trust towards your brand. Suppose you are dealing with a store that contains quality products of high demand and you making post without case studying the market stuffs mean your FB page won’t grow much.

5)      Along with your Business post, try to engage with Social issues as well. People coming to your page may have different taste, when they realize that you also would like to raise social issues they may share your posts in their wall too.

6)      Create Polls occasionally is great idea to promote your business.

7)      Create Contests. Again, this contest idea needs to be discussed by the whole team before implementation. People always like to participate in contests if you offer something new to them.

8)      Collect feed backs from your fans and analyze it well before implementing the next plan.

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