Google-new-voice-featureIt is good news for those who using Google chrome, google has added Voice search with chromium browsers that allows user to seek for directions verbally when it is hard to find hard-to-spell locations. It is an addition of ongoing integration of voice-recognisation technology by google.

A microphone icon will display in their search bar to whom going for a search of By clicking on this icon helps searchers to produce their query, quickly pulling up their queries, and finding their locations easily. Beside this, as the Google LatLong post introducing the feature specifies, “Using voice search can make it easier to find hard-to-spell places (like Poughkeepsie or Liechtenstein).”

Here I am showing an example which describes with images of It is hard to spell ‘massachusetts’ all the time for me. Hence, I tried with this example and the result was amazing. Google gave me the exact answer within seconds using its new “Voice Search Feature”.

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