google-panda-update-2011After Google Panda Update, that is an update against farmer links also called farmer update, it became the quality content site that came top of the web sites.

Also the Social Connectivity playing a crucial role in identifying good content. Suppose your web page or blog got more than 500 likes in Face Book Google will consider your web page content as trusted one and will give more priority than other web pages which offers same content.

Most of the web master will write contents based on keyword in order to pull Google bots/spiders more to web site, but this will not work any more in Google SERP after Google Panda Update. Google updated its algorithm in best way so that spammer contents won’t get listed top of SERP. Google typically looks for the Networks belongs to you whether your content is widely accepted, whether you get FACE BOOK likes, tweets, re-tweets, bookmarked, attained good quality back links?…If your web site/blog content got less attracted by Social medias Google will come to know that it will not be such a great content to get noticed.

Here are some tips to follow when writing/Creating contents for web page.

1)Make the content useful for reader
2)Don’t stuff your keywords more in to the content
3)Use other social plug ins in web page content
4)Attain a large network to publish your content
5)web page must be listed Major social media sites like Face book, twitter, linkedin
6) Do not use more and more texts to same page

7)Images/video/social icons needs to be inside the page

8) Make good ratings

9) Client reviews

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