seo-characteristics-and-influance-in-industryRecently a Person who met me asked a funny question “Do we really want to know any kind of technical things for becoming an SEO expert”? I replied by asking a simple question.”Why did you ask that question”? He just explained he is a real SEO expert…made certain keywords up in Google and other search engines without knowing any technical things (HTML, CSS). I just given a simple smile over it and I have provided some examples which way SEO process is going on. Hence I thought why should I right a post on it? Here are some of my findings related to SEO

  1. 1. SEO  as a Thought Leader

A successful SEO program can drive lot of benefits to business or any industry project, but the outside Peoples do not know this exact opportunity or they do not have any idea how to visualize it.  An SEO expert can open many revenue generated streams and business opportunities for any kinds of Universal businesses.

So a real SEO expert can place his ideas in front of the management or to the discussion team what he aims in order to generate more revenues over internet.

  1. 2. SEO as an Influencer

You can become a great influencer in the industry or in business projects as an SEO. Influencer of new ideas, new ways of generating traffic, new set of processes, and so on.

There are certain sets of processes that people may follow in each and every organized firm. To incorporate SEO into that practice, you need influence the management or decision making peoples.

So there are certain areas where a SEO can influence in the project (it it a web related events- you can’t trade certain things over internet).

  1. Domain choosing
  2. Choosing the proper hosting(Linux/Windows)
  3. Choosing the correct Layout for web site(S.E friendly)
  4. Selecting the right content for each pages
  5. How to arrange products in category wise
  6. How the Conversion FORM should be displayed?
  7. How the conversion buttons seems like
  8. Which Titles or Headings to choose for?
  9. Where to place the Ads in web site?

There are endless lists to show when you considering it in certain business Area. It is depending upon the target market. Even SEO expert have the right to choose his target audience.

3. SEO as a Salesman

When it is a shopping cart web site or have any products to sale you can handle the role of a salesman, the only difference is that you are approaching your goals or targeted customers over the internet. It is acquiring through step by step ideas, strategies, projects, Ads, and with followers.

4. SEO as a Collaborator

Next role of SEO in the industry is as a collaborator. We SEO guys have to collaborate with other team members(IT team members) which consists of Designer, developer, content writer, PR, Ads planner and manager. To achieve certain things or aim SEO need to set proper strategies like how the work will be done over a certain time frame.

5. SEO as an Educator

It is essential that SEO must convince board of discussion/Head when implementing any new strategies to the existing or new business world. Most probably the idea might be new to the discussion teams. In this case it is SEOs duty to explain those things to others without any doubts left on their mind.  As a result,  SEO must drive deep into new strategies when going to implement it.

6. Analytical SEO

Marketing Analysis or SEO based analysis is the important thing each SEO should follow. Sometimes we may have to take decisions or have to plan future strategies based on this analytical reports. SEOs have to do forecasting, study at product or keyword level ROI, work with finance, doing budgeting, and most importantly also work with IT group members. As with many things, SEO need have a clear cut idea of when working with analytics on not just what reports you want but how to extract the data that will help in optimizing SEO campaigns.

7. SEO as a Logic Builder

Software developers use their strong logic skills when they dealing with projects and keep a work flow in web site maintenance as well. Most of the times it might be the clients opinion to change some features that you guys already implemented on web sites. Hence, it is your duty to maintain SEO strategies without affecting PR(page rank) and the end result you need to apply strong logics by discussing with Developing teams.

SEOs need to have a logical mind as you would be dealing with programmers and also working through the code yourself.

8. SEO with Patience

SEO definitely need bundle of patience. Depending on the size of the organization, there would be times where a straightforward title tag change could take weeks if not months!

Then you have designers, IT, business partners, and all other elements that your SEO recommendations won’t just move at the speed you wish. In situations like these, you have to practice patience and push through to make sure that even after few months your recommended changes are done.

9. SEO as a Synthesizer

SEOs make many suggestions (e.g., changing content, changing FORMs, changing URLs, replacing graphics and Flash with text, adding new content, pagination), but not all of your suggestions will be accomplished. There could be business or other issues that could come in the way and your job is to create different viewpoints in order to get SEO requests accomplished. This makes SEO a synthesizer of ideas and different point of view.

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